We are a team of professionals who love doing this meaningful work. We are experts in our field and we do our work with due care. Together we form a team and our synergy is a great added value and driving force. We are connected through brand, enthusiasm and detached view of things.


We love the world and we know the ropes. We do not only focus on the local market we take advantage of the multicultural environment that brings us more opportunities and options. We like opening new doors and we are one level higher. We do not get lost abroad or in a foreign legislation. We are here to help you solve any trouble linked with moving to another country for work.


Freedom is the essential attribute of our lives, whether private or professional. We are independent in working procedures and processes, our hands are not tied with regulations and we are able to find custom made solutions for our partners. We exploit all of our skills and possibilities and we live our life to the fullest. It is up to you what type of a job you choose. Whether it is home office or an office job, we are here for you.


We keep moving. We follow news from the management, IT industry and recruitment, keeping up the pace with world trends. We innovate our methods and love challenges that we face with innate courage. We are demanding with ourselves and our work, which is why we don’t do make compromises and are not afraid of changes.